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Theatre of terror
Terrorists have become film directors and the video camera is their most powerful weapon, with the West a captive audience. In the week of Margaret Hassan's killing, Jason Burke explores the phenomenon of the reality horror show

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts Friday Review | Old habits die hard
Twenty-five years ago, Shane MacGowan was given six weeks to live. But he's still here, and so are the Pogues - back to their original lineup for a new lease of life. Dave Simpson joins them in Dublin to relive the bad old days

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts features | 'I look at the spaces between people'
For Whelan, passion may be the most mysterious thing of all. He compares his writing to the work of his nephew, an astronomer. 'He looks at the spaces between stars. I look at the spaces between people. I really do think that it is as mysterious as the spaces between the stars. More so, in a way, because I think they're finding out more and more about the bodies in the heavens and those become facts, but we can't predict people.'

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Jenny Holzer Truisms
a single event can have infinitely many interpretations

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?da 'web | jenny holzer - selection from the survival series, 1983

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ON THIS DAY | 24 | 1974: Six charged over Birmingham pub bombs
The so-called Birmingham Six were found guilty in August 1975 of carrying out the bombings and sentenced to life imprisonment.
But they were released after 16 years in jail when their convictions were quashed by the Court of Appeal in May 1991.
The real bombers have never been prosecuted and no group has ever admitted planting devices.

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'St. Sebastian', study for a stone carving by Eric Gill 1882-1940
Description: The commission from Andre Raffalovich for a carving of St. Sebastian in Portland stone was completed in 1920. The measurements of the carving, which is now in the collection of the Tate Gallery, London, are very close to Gill's inscribed details on this drawing (41 x 8 x 10). Three further preparatory drawings are in the collection of the University of Texas at Austin. Gill states, '..the study from which I did the carving was made from myself in a mirror'. For details of the carving 'St. Sebastian, see Judith Collins, Eric Gill: The Sculpture, The Herbert Press, 1998. Provenance: The Piccadilly Gallery, London

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Piscina by Eric Gill 1882-1940
Year: c1921
Medium: Hornton stone in three sections
Size: 8.0 x 18.0 x 23.5 cms
Description: from the chapel of St. Joseph & St. Dominic, Ditchling, Sussex

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World City Photo Archive

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Tall Seven by Trevor Bell b.1930

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Tate Modern | Courses & Workshops | The Case Against Art
The Case Against Art
Led by Marcus Verhagen, art historian and critic, with guests Jake Chapman and David Hopkins
Mondays 24 January – 14 March , 18.30–20.00

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WINAMP.COM | Player - Winamp 5.06 Player Download

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts news | Almond speaks after crash
"Finally it seems many of the darker days of the ordeal are hopefully behind me. This is the first time that I have been able to leave any kind of personal message. Without going into the gorier aspects of the accident, I have pieced it together, though much of it remains a blank for me."

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts features | Fatal attraction
A terrorist, a suicide bomber, a victim of the Moscow theatre siege ... Adrian Searle is strangely seduced by Marlene Dumas's images of death

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts reviews | Tom Waits, Hammersmith Apollo, London
In 2004, you can hear and see the influence of Tom Waits everywhere in rock music, but his influence also seems to have permeated Hollywood: it's not wild conjecture to suggest that both Quentin Tarantino and the Coen Brothers are conversant with his lavishly twisted storytelling and cast of lovably grotesque characters. And yet, on the evidence of tonight's gig, there is genuinely no one like him.

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National Novel Writing Month - National Novel Writing Month

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Gigapixel Images

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The 2.5 gigapixel photo

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Macromedia Flash - Downloads#updaters

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts galleries | Secret exhibition 2004 index

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts Friday Review | School of rock
Sting turned his fans on to Nabokov and the Special AKA alerted a generation to apartheid. Dave Eggers on how music makes you smart

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BBC NEWS | World | South Asia | The solution to Afghanistan's opium?

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The Observer | Magazine | Drowning by numbers
'Every mental illness has its pros and cons, but for all-round appeal, you can't beat obsessive compulsive disorder'

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts news | Emin withdraws film in rating row
The artist Tracey Emin is withdrawing from UK release her film based on her harrowing experiences as a teenager growing up in Margate, because film censors have given it an 18 classification.

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The Observer | OMM | 1: Various artists, Run The Road
Simon Reynolds on a collection which proves that grime is US hip hop's true heir

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts news | Image of defiance takes photo prize
"I'd never met these women before, but I hope I've managed to capture something of their characters. They all came across as strong females so that's how I show them - self-confident, almost arrogant. I was desperate to avoid that cute, looking down, Japanese schoolgirl thing, and I think this portrait is the antithesis of that."

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts news | Rapper O.D.B collapses and dies in recording studio
His mother, Cherry Brown, said: "To the public he was known as Ol' Dirty Bastard, but to me he was known as Rusty. The kindest most generous soul on earth. Russell was more than a rapper, he was a loving father, brother, uncle, and most of all, son."

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Picasa: Is it okay to put Picasa on my business or organization’s computer network?

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Big Town Playboys - Roll the Dice Album starring Chad Strentz, Jools Holland, Steve Weston, Robert Plant, Jeff Beck, Andy Fairweather-Low, Lisa Mills - Album

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Big Town Playboys - Roll the Dice Album starring Chad Strentz, Jools Holland, Steve Weston, Robert Plant, Jeff Beck, Andy Fairweather-Low, Lisa Mills - Biography

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts news | Celebrity artists use camera phones to ring the changes in photography

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts reviews | Fine examples of Degas vu
Degas didn't know when to leave well alone, endlessly reworking his paintings, but the results were vivid, breathtaking and brilliant

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The Wonderful World of Lemon Jelly
When we asked Lemon Jelly for an interview, they agreed - but they famously don't like to be photographed. So they illustrated our article with their own graphics. Words by Dorian Lynskey. Note: this is a pdf file.

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BBC NEWS | Magazine | Black, Muslim and Gay
With MPs this week pushing legislation through the Commons to create civil partnerships - gay marriages in all but name - homosexuality has never been more accepted by British society.

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Guardian Unlimited Books | By genre | The day that words failed
When a stroke followed by speech loss shattered his brother-in-law, Tom Paulin's family had to learn to communicate all over again. Here, he recalls the long road to understanding a terrifying condition that affects as many as 100,000 people in Britain

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts features | Jonathan Jones on New York's Museum of Modern Art
Moma was a disaster when it tried to be hip and trendy. Now it's going back to its roots - and Tate Modern should be worried, says Jonathan Jones

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v-2 Organisation | beauty. utility. balance.
So like me, to distance something like that with words. But I can't help but think they're powerful words, important words: we are all of us so very fragile, so terribly, painfully fragile. And all the hope and light and love we'll ever have or know is bound up inside these most tenuous of membranes.

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The writings of Charles Darwin on the web

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts galleries | Shanghai Biennale

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts features | Is Chinese art kicking butt ... or kissing it?
Collectors are queueing up to buy work by China's bright young artists. But while the scene is certainly buzzing, some worry that the domestic art world is selling out to the west, says Charlotte Higgins

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Artists customise Vespas for charity
Gary Hume, known for wild jokes such as his black enamelled cast bronze bin bag, startled the organisers by taking the project entirely seriously: his Vespa is a rich chestnut brown, with small subtly coloured highlights on the body work. He has loved Vespas ever since a summer living in Rome. He said: "I like my memories on my Vespa, it is an object that does what it says it does. The Vespa was my steed."
The scooters will also be on view from November 23-30 at the Eyestorm Gallery in London.

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts features | Where Blade Runner meets Las Vegas
Shanghai is mad for skyscrapers - it has more than the entire west coast of the US, and still they keep coming. But, as Stuart Jeffries discovers, preserving the past and planning for the future are rarely part of the architect's vision. And now the city's planners are grappling with the consequences

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In Pictures: Art inspired by David Beckham

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BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Arts | Yoko's gay wedding song is US hit
Every Man Has A Man Who Loves Him

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts galleries | The worst album covers in the world index

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts news | Caravaggio's final works at National Gallery
The bright crisp colours of the erotic paintings of boys with come-to-bed eyes and kissable lips fade to browns and blacks; the precision of the earlier technique gives way to broader brushstrokes.
"Perhaps his own penitential state was channelled in these pictures," said Dr Carr.

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BBC NEWS | Magazine | 'What does it mean to be human?'
Anthropologist Desmond Morris suggested the discovery of a human "Hobbit" on Flores would force many religions to examine their basic beliefs. The suggestion provoked quite a reaction.

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BBC NEWS | In Pictures | In pictures: Matisse's artistic heritage
In his final years, recuperating from two major operations, Matisse focused on a technique using paper cut-outs. The artist died on November 3, 1954, in Nice.

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The Observer | Review | 'The music was dogmatic and humourless'
John Peel was the Observer's pop critic in the late 80s. Here are some of his finest moments

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts features | Sign language
Ed Ruscha paints vast skies and sublime mountains, only to cover them in provocative slogans. Adrian Searle reads between the lines

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How to think about prescription drugs. | Metafilter

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QuickTime VRs
This page includes a number of QuickTime VR objects that I have rendered and constructed. They illustrate various color spaces, color gamuts, and the famous MCSL logo.

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts news | Jarman's manuscripts go on display

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Through a keyhole
Degas painted ballerinas in their dressing rooms, Greek maidens exercising naked, women drying themselves after bathing. How could someone with such an eye for the sensual lead such a sexless life, asks Jonathan Jones

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Vacuum of the visible
What distinguishes the works of famous photographers from those of the unknown? The anonymous can be more powerful, writes Geoff Dyer

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Guardian Unlimited | Online | Jef Raskin
Jef Raskin was one of the creators of the Mac and invented the click-and-drag interface

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Boxes and Arrows: All watched over by machines of loving grace: by Adam Greenfield
Some ethical guidelines for user experience in ubiquitous-computing settings