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georgelazenby: Ok, one week after I actually did it...

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BBC NEWS | Technology | Apple shows off new iMac in Paris

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New super strain of coca plant stuns anti-drug officials | Metafilter

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Apple - iMac G5

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A walk on the wild side with Warholstars | Metafilter

... ?
Exploring Emergence | Metafilter

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts features | The graphic grab
From record covers to road signs, posters to packaging, graphics and typography touch every area of our lives. Forget fine art, Rick Poynor argues: it's design that is at the core of 21st-century visual culture

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts news | Friend who inherited Bacon's ?11m fortune went on 11-year spending spree

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The Observer | Magazine | Drawing together
He was the bewitching bohemian to her secretive introvert; he the toast of the art world and she the talented recluse. But as the Tate's forthcoming retrospective reveals, the paintings of brother and sister Augustus and Gwen John are opposites which attract. By Tim Adams

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts reviews | Bjork, Medulla

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts reviews | Dizzee Rascal, Showtime

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts Friday Review | Bow ties, Bentleys and Bollinger
Dressed in clothes he bought from a charity shop, Turner prize winner Grayson Perry grabbed his sketchbook and headed for Glyndebourne. It was, he says, 'all rather nice'

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts features | Carry on screaming
How many Screams are there? Reports of the theft of a Scream from an Oslo museum at the weekend described it as one of four versions of Edvard Munch's despairing masterpiece. But depending on how you calculate it, there are anything from two to 50 versions of this iconic image - although the historian who has it at 50, in a book published by Taschen, may, I feel, have drunk too much absinthe trying to get into that symbolist fin-de-siècle mood.

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BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Che Guevara legacy lives on in Bolivia

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Mark Simonson Studio %2F Notebook%3A Son of Typecasting

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Guardian Unlimited : Arts news : Gay groups call for rejection of stars 'who back murder'

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Some album covers and inlays

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Broadband vs Dialup - Metafilter

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BBC NEWS - Magazine - Writing on wall for graffiti artists?
Serious graffiti artists can spend weeks planning their work, but the results often infuriate members of the public. Will the threat of Anti Social Behaviour Orders persuade them to put their spray cans away?

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Marc Spitz Dot Com -- How Soon Is Never?
How Soon Is Never? is an acerbic, ingenious look at the trauma of Reagan-era adolescence, the power of hearing a record that changes your life, and the dangers of nostalgia. After reading this wildly imaginative novel, you may just be inspired to dust off your yearbook, see if your old Cure T-shirts still fit, and deconstruct your videocassette of The Breakfast Club.

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Guardian Unlimited - Arts Friday Review - New Order - Blue Monday (So Hot Mix by 808 State)

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Guardian Unlimited - Arts special reports - A very ordinary tale of madness

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AntCam - Ant Cam - Ants Can

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Famous Curves - Metafilter

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BBC NEWS Magazine Can you own a colour?

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www.littledetroit.net - Interview with the Designers Republic

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www.littledetroit.net - Interview with A Guy Called Gerald

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New Order Acid House mixes by-808 state 1988

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Wired News: Addicted Rats Brave Pain for Coke

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Wired News: Downloads on the Move in Europe

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Jamie Reid @ Britart.com
Artist, Situationist, druid, activist, Jamie Reid is the man who cut-and-pasted the Punk movement of the late 70's. Responsible for the Sex Pistols legendary 'Never Mind the Bollocks' artwork, Reid is the man that put the safety pin through Her Majesty's lower lip.

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The Official Site of Marshall McLuhan

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I Wanna Hold Your Handwritt...

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Dstrukt - Chris James Hewitt

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The Side Effects of Urethane - Moving Units

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Everybodys Changing Chords by Keane @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

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Guardian Unlimited Books | Extracts | Portrait of a Londoner
In 1931, Virginia Woolf wrote six essays for Good Housekeeping magazine, which together paint a riveting picture of the capital she loved. Five of them were printed together in the 70s and 80s, but the sixth was lost, and has only just been rediscovered. Here we republish it for the first time

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"...And from these tales, Columbia knows that at the heart of the sixties dream lies a core truth, a germ that refuses to die; an essense of purity and love that is open to abuse - and continually abused - but without which Columbia could not live her own life peacefully."

Polaroids from the Dead, Doug Coupland

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Keane - Everybody's Changing - Lyrics - Musicfactory
I try to stay awake and remember my name

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Euclid | Metafilter

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Norman Mailer and John Buffalo Mailer Discuss Protests at the Republican National Convention

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winamp 5.04 | Metafilter

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WINAMP.COM | News - Winamp 5.04: As Good As It Gets

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BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Meteor show may be 'spectacular'
Sky watchers can expect to see meteors from a dark location on 12 and 13 August after 2330 BST, but they may be treated to two early "surges". One of these may occur on 11 August at 2200 BST, while another may be visible just before dawn on 12 August.

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BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Arts | Haul of rare Larkin poems found
Hundreds of unpublished works by celebrated poet Philip Larkin have been discovered in his home city Hull. The poems were found in library archives by Trevor Tolley, a member of the Philip Larkin Society, as he researched the poet's early work.

... ?
BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | Dalek veteran makes comeback bid
Veteran Dalek actor John Scott Martin has offered to step into the costume again for the 2005 Doctor Who series.

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"I still get people coming up to me today saying they were 13-years-old when they first saw the ‘LFO’ video on Top Of The Pops and it changed their whole attitude to music."

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On September 27th Warp release "Warp Vision :: The Videos ('89-'04)" - our first-ever DVD collection, featuring the best of all the Warp videos from '89 to the present day that, with the exceptions of Autechre's 'Gantz_Graf' and Chris Cunningham's legendary promos, have never seen a DVD release until now. The disc includes work from Chris Cunningham, Alex Rutterford and David Slade alongside directors such as Lynn Fox, Pleix, Ed Holdsworth and Laurent Briet who since their work for Warp have become some of the hottest talents in the industry.

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BBC SPORT | Olympics 2004 | The Olympic doping threat explained
Olympic president Jacques Rogge has warned that there could more positive dope tests in Athens than at any other Games in history. Record numbers of athletes will be tested, new tests developed and samples frozen so they can be analysed retrospectively. But what are the drugs and methods that cheats might be using, what benefits would they gain and how easy are they to detect?

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v-2 Organisation | interface + usability | Planning for redesign, 1: Establishing the context

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v-2 Organisation | interface + usability | The dumb furniture manifesto

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Guardian Unlimited | Online | Internet sex addict show sets out to shock the Fringe
None the less, this is precisely what Tim Fountain is doing. In his act, Sex Addict, he trawls Gaydar, the gay internet site, in front of a live audience, looking for a man with whom to have sex. The audience votes who he should pick. He then cycles off to whichever part of Edinburgh he has been summoned, has sex, and then reports back on the experience to the following night's audience.

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London Underground - Metro - Graffiti is neither art nor cool

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suede.net | lyrics | he's gone
tears on a pillow, eyes on the phone,
you pour all the love that you keep inside into a song,
like "he's gone",
and these are the thoughts that you keep inside,
you smile from your window,
and stand all alone
and pour all the love that you keep inside into the phone, into the phone

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MediaGuardian.co.uk | Media | My new media
Tim Spear, co-founder of NOWWASHYOURHANDS, an online designers' portal and web design company

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Pride in Brighton & Hove, Brighton - Attractions and Things to do

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The Observer | UK News | Fury at ban on HIV help for refugees

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts critics | Jonathan Jones: Dim, cloned conservatives
The French artist Jean Dubuffet gave the name "art brut", raw or wild art, to the untutored graphic productions of children, the insane and graffitists. A statement signed this week by Tony Blair deserves to be recognised as "criticism brut" - ignorant, clumsy, yet a stroke of raw genius. In apparent unawareness of 50 years of modern thinking, Blair and 121 MPs have signed a statement published by Keep Britain Tidy in response to its report that councils spend £27m a year erasing street daubs. Endorsing the hygienic organisation's call for zero tolerance of teenagers with spray cans, the MPs declare baldly that "graffiti is not art, it's crime".

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Jason King's Groovy Pad
Peter Wyngarde - When Sex Leers It's Inquisitive Head

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Mark Lyon's GMail Loader (GML) - Import Your Mail into GMail

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BBC NEWS | World | Americas | King Kong heroine is dead at 96
Fay Wray, who played the screaming girl kidnapped by the giant ape in the 1933 film King Kong, has died aged 96.

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BBC NEWS | Programmes | Real Story | Diary of a painkiller addict

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts features | The drugs don't work
Crammed with narcotics, bugs and porn images, Fred Tomaselli's work is gorgeous - and oddly repellent.

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts features | Splendour in the grass
A mute in-patient at a psychiatric hospital left a legacy of his extraordinary art behind. Margaret McCartney meets an art therapist trying to make sure his work - and that of similar 'outsider' artists - is not lost

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Guardian Unlimited | Online | Take away | New portable devices such as the Apple iPod are a security risk, according to experts

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Tim Jarvis - Magnasoma 2000 - 2004

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gapingvoid: how to be creative

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Charles Bukowski: These Words I Write Keep Me from Total Madness

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Report: Is It An IE World, After All? - Lockergnome's IT Professionals

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Yahoo! Groups : warhol

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A U D I O B U L B . R E C O R D S . Exploratory Electronic Music
Audiobulb is working up a follow up compilation CD to Switches.... expect sophisticated glitch and grooves and a variety of bpms

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MorrisseyMusic.com .:. official site
Four new Morrissey tour dates have been announced for the beginning of September for Scotland and England!

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LOW MORALE - Radiohead - Creep (Acoustic)

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eyestorm - Mark Francis

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waxpraxis: XP to OSX Printer Sharing Insanity!

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Guardian Unlimited | Arts features | Catch a falling star...

... ?
EducationGuardian.co.uk | News crumb | School funding drive pays off as laptops land in class

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Phaidon Press
The Aesthetic Movement - Lionel Lambourne 290 x 250 mm, 11 3/8 x 9 7/8 inches, 240 pp, 224 colour illustrations